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OODA & The GCC: A Synchronized Vision for a Safe and Digital Tomorrow
OODA & The GCC: A Synchronized Vision for a Safe and Digital Tomorrow

The GCC is more than just a conglomerate of nations; it’s a beacon of futuristic aspirations, digital transformation, and the dream of interconnected smart cities. At Obvious Technologies, the proud company behind the 4-letter acronym OODA, we’ve always believed in aligning our strengths with this progressive vision. Here’s how:

  • Understanding the GCC Vision: The GCC’s blueprint is clear – a digital future, innovative smart cities, and a commitment to rapid transformation. Our projects, whether it’s the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Expo 2020 in UAE, or Neom in KSA, are not mere business ventures. They’re collaborative steps towards realizing a shared dream. 
  • “Every project we undertake in the GCC isn’t just about technology; it’s about supporting people in their missions and actively contributing to a shared future.” – Thierry Orosco – President
  • The Power of Independence: Our independence isn’t just a business model; it’s a strategic advantage. It gives us agility, allowing us to swiftly adapt and innovate, meeting the GCC’s unique energy, permanently evolving needs and appetite to be at the forefront of latest worldwide innovation.
  • “Our independence means we can pivot without delay, ensuring we’re always aligned with our GCC’s customers’ ambitious timelines.” – Naoufal El Ouali – CEO
  • A Customer-Centric Ethos: We don’t see ourselves as traditional solutions vendors. We’re partners in progress. This approach ensures our solutions are always aligned and resonate with the region’s specific functional and operational requirements. 
  • “I like to consider that every client is a partner, an ambassador and an OODA family member. Their success stories are our best achievements and strategic milestones.” – Meline Eolmezian-Soulie – VP Marketing & Development
  • Our Core Strengths:
    • Agility: In the fast-paced GCC, we’re always a step ahead, thanks to our agile software development and project management methods. 
    • Swift Execution: Time is essence. We promise, and we deliver, in sync with the region’s rapid rhythm. Thanks to our efficient organization, we can decide and act faster.
    • Customer-Centricity: Our clients’ visions become our missions. Permanent exchanges with them help us be at the forefront of user experience and functional value proposition.
    • Commitment: Vision without execution is hallucination. We promise and we always try to deliver beyond and keep our standards high
  • Investing in the GCC’s Future: Our strategic move to Dubai, established as our new regional office, was more than a relocation; it was obvious and a natural commitment. A necessity to be at the heart of the region’s transformation and contribute actively to its digital dreams. 
  • “With permanent team presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Neom and Doha, it means we’re at the epicenter of change, and we’re excited to be part of the GCC’s digital revolution.” – Amine Sadi – VP Global Sales

In conclusion, our journey in the GCC is not just about business growth; it’s about being part of a larger and strategic vision, a shared dream. As the GCC strides confidently towards its digital future, our expanding OODA team  is honored to walk side by side, as a trusted ally.

Join us in celebrating our #OODAUniqueness and what we’ve achieved in such a short time period! And as we see this just as a beginning, we engage all potential partners and future customers of our OODA ecosystem to join and continue building together an enthusiastic, inspiring and successful future  


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