Ports & Logistics

Ports and logistics stakeholders encompass a diverse range of entities, including port authorities, shipping companies, customs and border control agencies, logistics and freight forwarders, as well as businesses and traders relying on these hubs for global commerce and supply chain operations.

Ports and logistics assets, including container terminals, docks, cranes, storage facilities, shipping vessels, trucks inspection and tracking systems, all require vigilant oversight, steadfast reliability, and robust adaptability. Safeguarding these components despite multiple risks is essential to guarantee uninterrupted, efficient operations, ensuring 24/7 streamlined workflows and profitable logistics management, in a very competitive context where large corporations are looking for fast, secured and professional end-to-end service for the money.

Ports & Logistics

Ports & Logistics

OODA Secures, Optimizes , improves ports & logistics operations

With OODA World, we disrupt ports and logistics operations by elevating automation in mission-critical workflows, fostering better coordination among stakeholders, and ultimately enhancing business processes and user experience. Through improved incident prevention, preparedness, response, and resolution, ports equipped with OODA solutions can effectively tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Through the integration of smart surveillance, comprehensive perimeter detection spanning land, marine and air domains, correlated biometric access control for vehicles and drivers, advanced X-Ray screening technology, and real-time resource tracking within a 3D global situational awareness and command & control solution, ports now possess the capability to receive trusted and georeferenced real-time alerts and related actionable data to respond swiftly to critical incidents, thereby minimizing losses and ensuring the utmost efficiency and security in their operations.

The platform also tracks and consolidates data from a variety of Port Management Information Systems and databases related to suply chain and logistics. With OODA, the future of ports and logistics is not only simply automated but also smart, highly resilient and secure, safeguarding the vital arteries of global trade.

How OODA helps ports & logistics

Direct contribution and impact of OODA on ports & logistics operations’ challenges

Crisis management
Resource Allocations
Personnel safety
Real time alerting
Risk mitigation


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