Universities & campuses

Universities & school campuses have a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including faculty members, students, administrative staff, alumni, research partners, donors as well as businesses and vendors that operate within the campus premises, such as security personnel and various managed services providers.

Universities and campuses feature assets like academic buildings, research facilities, student accommodations, libraries, sports complexes, and IT infrastructure. These components require real time vigilant oversight and robust adaptability to ensure continuous, efficient academic and extracurricular activities, guaranteeing 24/7 streamlined and effective institutional operations. In a context of high competition where key objective is to be listed in international or national ranking of the best universities, academic level is not the only criteria and stakeholders look for top standards in IT, safety, security and global operations based on investments. 

Universities and Campuses

Universities and Campuses

OODA Secures, Optimizes , improves Universities and campuses operations

With OODA World, we pioneer a modern and digital approach to ensuring safety and security on educational campuses, uniting strategic preparedness, early alerting, and rapid response. Our strategy hinges on the utilization of real-time 3D data visualization, advanced communication tools, and efficient coordination technologies to create a cohesive ecosystem for campus-wide situational awareness, seamless information exchange, and the automation of critical workflows among a school stakeholders, all with a shared objective: creating a secure and conducive learning environment combining well-being and excellence.

Our solution brings to the next level traditional passive security surveillance systems by capturing multiple source of data from video analytics, IoT sensors or social media monitoring and transforming it into actionable data to alert, advise and support school leadership in strategic decisions.

Empowered by next-generation Intelligent Operations Centers (IOC), campus field personnel, administrators and directors can swiftly identify and respond to potential threats, whether they be criminal breaches, natural disasters, or health-related concerns. This proactive approach not only minimizes the impact of any incidents but also ensures a seamless and transparent perception of safety and security for students, staff, and faculty, allowing them to focus on learning and academic pursuits with peace of mind.

How OODA helps Universities and campuses

Direct contribution and impact of OODA on Universities and campuses operations’ challenges

Resource Allocations
Centralized monitorings
Post incident investigation
asset management
Real time alerting


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